Swami Vivekananda and worship of Shri Amarnathji

by Nancy Kaul
Vivekananda described the pilgrimage as “the very soul of the Hindu nation laid bare in all its innate beauty and sweetness of faith and devotion.”

The pilgrimage of Shri Amarnath is embroiled in controversy over land allotment at the base camps. The allegations by political parties and protests by Muslims in Kashmir have no meaning as both the pilgrimage and the pilgrims have included Hindus from all over the country, besides the Kashmiri Pandits.

Amarnath: Truth and Controversy

Nancy Kaul
21 August 2008
Source: http://www.vijayvaani.com

The People's Democratic Party started a shrill cacophony against the Shri Amarnathji Shrine Board and the land transfer for making arrangements for pilgrims for the duration of the yatra, and finally withdrew from the Government on the same pretext. The then Chief Minister, Mr. Ghulam Nabi Azad, on 25 June 2005 addressed a Press conference in Srinagar to clarify issues pertaining to the controversy over the land transfer.

Netherlands NGO, Kolkatta Prof set to face action

By Sanjeev Pargal
Source: http://www.dailyexcelsior.com

JAMMU, July 17: Intelligence agencies were reported to have written to External Affairs Ministry seeking action against a Netherlands based Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO), a Kolkatta based female Professor, an Ahmedabad based Advocate and a host of "anti-India Indians" who have joined hands not only to carry out strong anti-India propaganda in Europe but were also found in raising funds for terror outfits operating in Kashmir.

Faits Accomplis, Complicity, and Nuclear Proliferation

By Michael Krepon
Source: http://www.stimson.org

The Bush administration has often been accused of leaping before looking. This charge is unfair, since the President and his inner circle know precisely what they want. When bold outcomes do not lend themselves to consensual domestic or international support, they resort to faits accomplis. Changing the rules of the game is necessarily a messy business. The exclusionary means required for game-changing decisions makes for ragged implementation. But eventually, according to the Bush canon, others will have to accommodate themselves to faits accomplis backed by U.S. power. History, a subject that may not have interested George W. Bush in the classroom, has become his refuge. History will judge whether his game-changing moves were worth their costs.

Nuclear Safety and Security in Pakistan - Stimson Center Analysis


Give Revolutionaries their due

Shreerang Godbole
15 August 2008

Another Independence Day, a seasonal outpouring of patriotism. The Prime Minister will deliver a lacklustre speech from the ramparts of Red Fort; loudspeakers will blare out patriotic Bollywood numbers; the Father of the Nation and the First Dynasty will be invoked. We shall be told that the mighty British Empire was brought to its knees by a frail saint from Sabarmati without shedding a drop of blood, a feat unparalleled anywhere in the world. There will be no mention of the blood that was shed, barring stray references to Bhagat Singh and Jallianwala Bagh. Any mention of the vivisection that preceded Independence is a strict no-no – we need to 'maintain unity-integrity-peace-communal harmony.'


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