Opium Money Kills US Troops: Will Bush Fight Narco-Terror?

Ramtanu Maitra

20 August 2008

After almost six-and half years in Afghanistan, a few among US authorities have begun to speak out against the dangerous compromises the Bush Administration has made throughout this period by allowing an explosive growth of the opium crop there, and the handover of power to the drug lords. A significant part of the $150 billion international opium trade helps to buy the explosives, arms, and suicide bombers that kill and maim American soldiers, along with thousands of innocent Afghan civilians.

Who Brought Olmert Down (and Why)

By Israel Shamir
August 10, 2008

You would not envy the position of Israeli Prime Minister, Ehud Olmert. He did not have a snowball's chance in hell. Every day the newspapers and the TV channels broadcast new accusations against him and announced fresh police investigations. Often the Israeli viewer learned of Olmert's alleged misdeeds before the Prime Minister himself did. Police did not just leak the details of the case they poured it out like tropical torrent. Charges landed all over Olmert like the bomblets he dropped on hapless Lebanon: small but plentiful.

The Nation as Draupadi

Parliament on 22nd July resembled the court of the Kauravas with the Speaker playing Dritharashtra. Every individual in parliament on that day, notwithstanding the party to which he or she belonged, was someone in the shameful court and I was the nation. When the Prime Minister scornfully tabled his written response to the two-day debate with the Speaker instead of facing the Members of Parliament and addressing their concerns verbally, he was only underscoring parliament’s irrelevance in concluding international agreements and treaties. This is a serious deficiency in the country’s democracy in theory and in practice because when parliament is rendered impotent to influence government decisions impinging on national security, it amounts to disregarding the sense of the House and the will of the people. It is a chilling truth that on that fateful day not one member in the august house, in the treasury or the opposition, faithfully represented the voter who put him or her there. As the end results proved, many of them were disloyal even to the party to which they belonged.


In the aftermath of the daring robbery in the Kapaleeshwarar Temple, Mylapore, Chennai, the City Police Commissioner ordered for a '420 Patrolling Beat' the same night across the city and took in to custody hundreds of persons. Of these, 50 were rowdies, 150 were history-sheeters and 50 were warrant-pending accused persons. Most of these culprits are in their prime youth. Two separate police teams are investigating the Mylapore theft case.

A well-known story retold

Hordes from Bangladesh: Saradindu Mukherji | Professor of History, University of Delhi

The expose on the close relationship of Mr Shahid Chowdhury, the Communist Minister in Tripura, and his Bangladeshi wife with various terrorist organisations, including those based in Bangladesh, leading to his dismissal does not shock any more. Nor does the report of the Parliamentary Standing Committee for the Ministry of Home Affairs on the nature and ramifications of the problem created by illegal infiltration from Bangladesh say anything new.

The 'Tamil Nation' Vetoes the Tamil New Year

By Dharman Dharmaratnam

The 'Tamil Nation' website was launched in 1998. The Editor, Satyendra Nadesan, an Attorney at Law based in the United Kingdom, represents one strand of the Tamil diaspora who had left Sri Lanka in the early 1980s. Many appear to have since lost touch with the ground reality in the island. The recent controversy surrounding Mr. M. Karunanidhi's decision to shift the date of the Tamil New Year from April to January demonstrates the disconnect between sections of the Tamil diaspora and the Tamils who remain in the island.


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