Dr. Subhash Kapila, 3-26-08

South Asia Analysis Group
Tibet has once again been thrust in the global consciousness by the widespread Tibetan uprising of March 2008 just a year before the 50th anniversary of the first major uprising of the Tibetan nation against China and nearly the 60th anniversary of China’s military invasion and occupation of the sovereign, spiritual and pacifist nation of Tibet.

India's Tibet

Lhasang Tsering

In my years of travelling around the world talking about Tibet, it has been my experience that, more often than not, the audience generally consist of people who are interested in Tibet and already know a great deal about Tibet. Many, in fact, turn out to be old friends and experts on Tibet. So a lot of the time it is like 'preaching to the converted'.

Patel’s prophecy

March 21, 2008
Border Security @
Recall Patel’s prophecy
G. Parthasarathy

The Pioneer
When the Chinese People’s Liberation Army occupied Tibet in 1950, Deputy Prime Minister Vallabhbhai Patel wrote to Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru on November 7, 1950, saying: “The Chinese Government has tried to delude us by professions of peaceful intentions. My own feeling is that at a crucial period they managed to install into our Ambassador (academic KM Panicker) a false sense of confidence in their so called desire to settle the Tibetan problem by peaceful means.”

Extraordinary delusions and temporary insanity:The sacrifice of Tibet
Rajeev Srinivasan

On November 18 every year, I silently salute the brave souls of C Company, 13th Kumaon Regiment, who in 1962 died practically to the last man and the last bullet defending Ladakh against the invading Chinese Army. These brave 114 inflicted heavy casualties and prevented the Chinese from overrunning Leh, much like Spartans at Thermopylae held the line against the invading Persians many moons ago.

Activists need urgent rehab

Swapan Dasgupta
The Pioneer, Feb 10, 2008

Viewers of English-language TV news channels will have noticed the frequency with which a mysterious community called "activists" has begun popping up. On subjects as diverse as education, health, industrialisation and religion, the utterances of politicians, officials, corporates and the man in the street are invariably countered with views of "activists" presumed to have profound expertise on all subjects. There is also an implicit suggestion that the "activists" are detached, selfless and not burdened by the baggage of interest groups. In short, they are a superior and pious voice in the rabble.

The Catholic church, Tamil and LTTE - Part III

This exposé concerns the production of a music audio in praise of the Hindu god Shiva by some Catholic priests, with the blessings of a Bishop, and the [mis]use of Catholic [Madras-Mylapore Archdiocesan and Tamil Nadu Bishops’ Commission] organizations, facilities and resources, and their man-power, for the purpose. CHENNAI: August 2006

Fr. Jegath Gaspar Raj, a Catholic priest, founder of Tamil Maiyam, an organisation with the stated aim of the promotion of Tamil arts, literature and culture, joins hands with Tamil maestro Ilaiyaraaja to produce a music audio of Thiruvasagam, a set of verses written by Manickavasagar, a 13th century devotee of Shiva in praise of the Hindu god.


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