Put N-Deal on hold

Brahma Chellaney

Since signing the Indo-US nuclear deal on July 18, 2005, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has repeatedly slipped on promises to the nation. Every time he has been unable to keep an assurance, he has sought to devise a revised gauge to maintain the semblance of an unbroken word.

Resources on the US-India Nuclear Initiative

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Commentary: Southern India's jihadi axis of evil

UPI ASIA Online - Politics
Commentary: Southern India's jihadi axis of evil

Column: Notes from the South
At a function in the southern city of Madurai last Sunday, Sonia Gandhi praised the state of Tamil Nadu as a model state. On Tuesday, just one day before Independence Day, a dusty town in the district of Thirunelveli witnessed a ghastly scene -- a pitched street battle which ended with a human toll of six youngsters, three of them brothers.

Religious demography...

Religious demography and separatism in Indonesia – the making of East Timor - by Radha Rajan

Post independence Indonesia has lessons for India which we may ignore only at our peril. Nebulously referred to as the Indies by the Portuguese, the Dutch and the English, this archipelago was invaded and occupied by these three major colonial powers for over five centuries.

Goodbye, Shambo - by Kanchan Gupta

Sunday Pioneer / Agenda / Column: Coffee Break / July 29, 2007
The e-mail had arrived some days ago but I had not bothered to read it, thinking it was yet another e-flier from the Hindu Council of Britain inviting me to an event in London and looking forward to my presence. Not that there's anything wrong with such gatherings; it's just the Delhi-London-Delhi airfare is killing. Some days later, while clearing out my mailbox, I casually clicked on the e-mail and was soon riveted by its contents. It was about a Friesen bull called Shambo at Skanda Vale Temple in Wales, who had tested positive after a dubious bovine tuberculosis test conducted by officials of the Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, the scourge of Welsh farmers. Shambo (obviously a corruption of Shambhu) had been sentenced to death to prevent him from passing on the infection to others of his tribe. But the monks and nuns of the 'Community of Many Names of God in His Universality', which looks after the temple complex, had contested DEFRA's claim and decided to fight for the sacred bull's life. The e-mail solicited support for this noble mission.

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Kashmir: Redefining the U.S. Role - by Navnita Chadha Behera

October 2002

India and Pakistan have fought three wars against each other since 1947, the first two of which were over Kashmir. In the past fifteen years, the two countries have been embroiled in four military crises, which the United States has played an increasingly assertive role in managing and resolving. A chief component of recent American administrations' foreign policy goals in South Asia, including the current Bush administration, has been to avert the fourth war in the subcontinent. However, attitudes in India and Pakistan are changing, and the internal situation in Kashmir is more fluid than it has been for years. After September 11, America has been able to maintain close ties to both countries. Washington should move beyond managing the crisis and help develop a road to peace in the region.


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