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Report on International Religious Freedom

International Religious Freedom Report 2007

Released by the Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor

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The Constitution provides for freedom of religion, and the National Government generally respected this right in practice. However, some state and local governments limited this freedom in practice.

Wool pulled over India's eyes

By Brahma Chellaney
Part- III

There would have been no political uproar over the nuclear deal had the Prime Minister taken on board all important stakeholders on an issue centred on the future of India's most-prized strategic asset — its nuclear programme. Acquiescence to the deal's shifting goalposts also stoked controversy.

In a nuclear bind

Stagecraft & Statecraft / Brahma Chellaney

A cognitive disconnect bedevils official claims over the nuclear deal. The avowed rationale is nuclear energy, yet in reality, the deal can be of little help to India's growing energy needs. Even with the import of a number of multibillion-dollar reactors, capital-intensive nuclear power's share in India's total electricity generation is likely to remain unimpressively small because the contribution of other energy sources will continue to rise faster (and more cheaply).

Put N-Deal on hold

Brahma Chellaney

Since signing the Indo-US nuclear deal on July 18, 2005, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has repeatedly slipped on promises to the nation. Every time he has been unable to keep an assurance, he has sought to devise a revised gauge to maintain the semblance of an unbroken word.

Resources on the US-India Nuclear Initiative

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Commentary: Southern India's jihadi axis of evil

UPI ASIA Online - Politics
Commentary: Southern India's jihadi axis of evil

Column: Notes from the South
At a function in the southern city of Madurai last Sunday, Sonia Gandhi praised the state of Tamil Nadu as a model state. On Tuesday, just one day before Independence Day, a dusty town in the district of Thirunelveli witnessed a ghastly scene -- a pitched street battle which ended with a human toll of six youngsters, three of them brothers.


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