Freedom of Religion, Freedom of Destiny: Thoughts on Christianity and American Indian Tribal...

Freedom of Religion, Freedom of Destiny: Thoughts on Christianity and American Indian Tribal Sovereignty.

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The last mile in the nuclear negotiations - by M.R. Srinivasan

A timeline that is arbitrary would only put pressure on the Indian negotiators and may lead to an agreement neither acceptable to the Indian people nor in the national interest. The historic agreement between Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and United States President George W. Bush concluded on July 18, 2005, declared their resolve to "transform the relationship between their countries and establish a global partnership." The past two years have witnessed serious negotiations between the two countries, on a civil nuclear energy cooperation agreement, held in New Delhi, Washington, and elsewhere. We are approaching the last mile with a d elegation including National Security Adviser M.K. Narayanan, Atomic Energy Commission Chairman Anil Kakodkar, and Foreign Secretary Shiv Shankar Menon, beginning talks in Washington next week.

Musharraf's Military Reaches Deep Into Pakistani Society - by Griff Witte

Washington Post Foreign Service
Wednesday, June 27, 2007; A12
DAULAT NAGAR, Pakistan -- Nusrat Riaz, a doctor for 17 years, has spent the past three directing a clinic that provides care to thousands of poor patients in this remote, wheat-farming village on the plains of Punjab.

Pratibha Patil, True Story – by Arun Shourie (Disturbing Credentials)

(the financial frauds, the murder, the deliberate derailment of the investigation)



Nicolaus Mills
It came as no surprise that when the Senate confirmation process was finally completed and Janet Reno was sworn in as attorney general the new Clinton cabinet contained more minorities and women than any previous cabinet in American history. In the third and final presidential debate of the 1992 campaign, Clinton had defined the criteria he intended to use in making his appointments. "I don't think we've got a person to waste," he declared. "I owe the American people a White House staff, a cabinet, and appointments that look like America but that meet high standards of excellence, and that's what I'll do."

Re-discovering ‘dog’s death’ through Gandhian ahimsa

This should stop us in our tracks – bleeding heart human rights activists jumping up and down in rage after the Gujarat riots, screeched that Hindu fascists had caused incalculable damage to Gandhi the First’s (Gandhi I) dream of secular India and to his ahimsa. Blood-thirsty Kannadigas banding themselves together as SDFB (Stray Dog free Bangalore), gleefully applauded the brutal, barbarian and absolutely typical human killing of dogs in Bangalore, Mysore and Mandya, and gathered under the statue of Gandhi I too with candles in their hands demanding a dog-free Karnataka, particularly stray dog free Bangalore and they declared that they didn’t care how this was achieved. Gandhi the First asked Hindus to stand by in self-righteous ahimsa and allow Muslims to kill the cow and Gandhi I also called for killing stray dogs.


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