Probe Into Train Accidents Leads NIA to Kanpur NGO

March 18, 2017

NEW DELHI: The probe into the role of the so-called Islamic State in train accidents has set investigators on the trail of Satya Sandesh Foundation (SSF), an NGO that claims to be dedicated to Islamic preaching, and an IS recruit Ahsan, possibly the first person born Shia but working for the Sunni group.

Kerala Priest and Nun Accused of Covering Up Rape of Minor

March 17, 2017

Almost a fortnight after Father Robin Vadakkuncheril was arrested on charges of raping a minor, the priest and nuns, who were accused of covering up the incident, on Friday surrendered before police in Kannur district of Kerala. 48-year-old Fr Robin, of Mananthavady diocese, was held on charges of raping the minor at his parish at St Sebastian’s Church in Kottiyoor. She had delivered a baby last month. Last week, a court in Thalassery had allowed police custody of the accused through the weekend.

Best Desi Cattle Breed to get Rs. 5 Lakh Award


States told to send names of individual farmers, gaushalas or breeders' societies

Farmers and gaushalas maintaining the best herd of desi cows can now get a Rs 5 lakh cash award as the Narendra Modi government is putting a premium on indigenous breeds of cattle to produce more milk.

How the CIA Sponsored Indian Magazines That Engaged the Country's Best Writers

By Joel Whitney,
Source: The Wire

In 1967, much of the intellectual world learned that the United States had outsmarted itself. Two decades earlier, it had quietly created several vehicles for secret cultural patronage. The scheme was billed as necessary to fight cultural penetration and patronage of the Soviet variety, which was presumed to lie behind not just propaganda, but also student and labor unions, world peace conferences and more. To maintain their secrecy, then, many of these American vehicles, such as the Congress for Cultural Freedom, were launched under the CIA’s covert bureaucracies. The agency’s secret budget was seen as a way to circumvent debates in the US legislature, whose hardline right-wingers hardly could be convinced to fund “little” intellectual magazines, say, or classical music, or the haphazard paint splashes of Jackson Pollock.

Eurasia - The Strategic Triangle That is Changing the World

By Federico Pieracccini,
Source: Global Research

While the world continues to decipher, or digest, the new Trump presidency, important changes are afoot within the grand strategic triangle that lies between Russia, Iran and China.

The "Inside Job" Hypothesis of 9/11 Attacks: JFK, 9/11 and the American Left


On November 23, 1963, the day after John F. Kennedy’s assassination, Fidel Castro gave a talk on Cuban radio and television.[1] He pulled together, as well as he could in the amount of time available to him, the evidence he had gathered from news media and other sources, and he reflected on this evidence.

The questions he posed were well chosen: they could serve as a template for those confronting complex acts of political violence. Were there contradictions and absurdities in the story being promoted in the U.S. media? Who benefitted from the assassination? Were intelligence agencies claiming to know more than they could legitimately know? Was there evidence of foreknowledge of the murder? What was the main ideological clash in powerful U.S. circles and how did Kennedy fit in? Was there a faction that had the capacity and willingness to carry out such an act? And so on.


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