Tirumala Tirupathi Devasthanam wants to rear endangered civet cats

March 07, 2017
Source: http://www.firstpost.com

The battle is at least a decade old and has got a fresh lease of life now. This battle is a strange one. The trust that manages the world’s richest temple, the Lord Venkateswara temple in Tirumala, Tirupati, wants to rear endangered civet cats, and the Forest Department has put its foot down with a firm no.

The trust of the temple, Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams, has made a fresh bid to the state and central governments to allow captive breeding of the civet cat. “The TTD is ready to maintain the nocturnal house at the zoo but we should be assured of a fair amount of supply of civet on a regular basis,” said Executive Officer D Sambashiv Rao. But the Andhra Pradesh Forest Department is not keen.

Amazing Women Scientists We Never Knew

Source: http://www.globalresearch.ca
By Joyce Chediac
March 15,Global Research

Did you know that “dark matter,” a discovery which transformed physics and astronomy, was discovered by a woman named Vera Rubin? Or that someone named Jemma Redmond invented a way to use a 3-D printer to make living tissue for transplants?

Neither did this writer, until she read their obituaries. There are many amazing women scientists. Some have received important recognition in their fields. But they are not the national figures and role models that they should be.

Author of independent Kashmir - R.C Kak

By RC Ganjoo
Source: http://www.boloji.com/index.cfm?md=Content&sd=Articles&ArticleID=16343

The first Kashmiri Pandit R C Kak (Ram Chandra Kak) who became a controversial prime minister of Maharaja Hari Singh’s regime had given the concept of “Independent Kashmir” keeping in view the changing political scenario at that time. After feeling the pulses of people of Kashmir, he had come to this conclusion that the majority Muslim state of Kashmir will never join the Indian domain while the minority (Hindus) would not like to be part of Pakistan. The only option left was to keep Kashmir an independent state with friendly relations with India and Pakistan.

US says will take up Compassion International issue with India

Source: http://www.thehindu.com

The US on Thursday said it will take up with India the shutting down of a Colarodo-based donor NGO and sought a “transparent process” for foreign NGOs in the country, saying the Christian charity has been facing “significant challenges” for some time.

Compassion International is said to be shutting down its India operations after it was put under ‘prior permission category’ in May last year. When a donor organisation is put under this category, it is barred from funding any Indian NGO without the government’s approval.

Wikileaks Releases Trove of Alleged C.I.A Hacking Documents

Source: https://www.nytimes.com

WASHINGTON — In what appears to be the largest leak of C.I.A documents in history, WikiLeaks released on Tuesday thousands of pages describing sophisticated software tools and techniques used by the agency to break into smartphones, computers and even Internet-connected televisions.

The documents amount to a detailed, highly technical catalog of tools. They include instructions for compromising a wide range of common computer tools for use in spying: the online calling service Skype; Wi-Fi networks; documents in PDF format; and even commercial antivirus programs of the kind used by millions of people to protect their computers.

America's Fake News Industry

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[Should'nt America be mopping up the sewage overflow from Wikileaks]

The United States identified instances of restrictions on foreign-funded NGOs and religious freedom along with corruption and police and security force abuses as the most significant human rights problems in India.


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