Cobra in the bathroom

Source: In poet-saint Basavanna’s Karnataka, a king cobra tucked away in a cool bathroomgets fussed over while the snake catchers are warned not to harm it

We haven’t used the bathroom for three days,” said the man apologetically in Kannada on the phone. No medical problem prevented his family from using the room. They had a different issue—a king cobra had moved in. His family was now desperate to regain use of the bathroom.

David Rockefeller: A Dark Legacy in Brazil, A Critical Obituary

By Brasil Wire,
Global Research, 21 March, 2017

On March 20, David Rockefeller died at the age of 101. As the obituaries for one of the world’s richest men gush over his philanthropy, it needs to be pointed out that he was a major player in several Latin American coups, supported extremely corrupt military dictatorships, post-dictatorship neoliberal policies that greatly exacerbated income stratification and poverty and that his dark legacy will continue to influence the region long after his death.

Illegal Meat Shops Shut Down in Ghaziabad

[Shutting down slaughter-houses in Yogi Adithyanath's Uttar Pradesh is a wonderful start to a new era in Indian polity]

Within 48 hours after the newly sworn-in chief minister Yogi Adityanath took charge of Uttar Pradesh, Ghaziabad Police and district administration has initiated action against illegal meat shops and "corrupt" cops.

Not Without our Daughters: Ugly Face of Child Trafficking

March 18, 2017

Some 60 young women who grew up believing they were orphans discover the world and the families they were taken away from

Deep in a village outlined by fragrant jasmine fields in Usilampatti block of Madurai, 50-year-old Vellaiammal sits on a rock near her just-milked cows. Wiping her hands on her sari, she removes a handmade greeting card from a plastic bag. She holds it by the edges, careful not to let her wet fingers smudge the English words emblazoned in red felt pen across the page: “I miss you. MISS you. Miss YOU. With love, Nicola.”

Probe Into Train Accidents Leads NIA to Kanpur NGO

March 18, 2017

NEW DELHI: The probe into the role of the so-called Islamic State in train accidents has set investigators on the trail of Satya Sandesh Foundation (SSF), an NGO that claims to be dedicated to Islamic preaching, and an IS recruit Ahsan, possibly the first person born Shia but working for the Sunni group.

Kerala Priest and Nun Accused of Covering Up Rape of Minor

March 17, 2017

Almost a fortnight after Father Robin Vadakkuncheril was arrested on charges of raping a minor, the priest and nuns, who were accused of covering up the incident, on Friday surrendered before police in Kannur district of Kerala. 48-year-old Fr Robin, of Mananthavady diocese, was held on charges of raping the minor at his parish at St Sebastian’s Church in Kottiyoor. She had delivered a baby last month. Last week, a court in Thalassery had allowed police custody of the accused through the weekend.


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