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Is the agitation sweeping across Tamil Nadu demanding the lifting of the ban on Jallikkattu being funded by the Church and various NGOs? Intelligence agencies are taken aback by the upsurge of students across the State, especially at Marina Beach where a crowd of more than 20,000 demonstrators had gathered since Tuesday night unannounced, unexpected and mysteriously, have concluded that the Church, NGOs and various evangelist organisations are funding and aiding this ban. A senior intelligence official confided to Team PGurus that the Church, NGOs, evangelists and even Islamic organisations are behind this agitation. “How could students from colleges run by Christian managements come out in the open defying the authorities? This kind of agitation was visible in support of the LTTE which was waging a war against the Sri Lankan government for a separate Tamil country in the island nation,” he said.

Team PGurus, had toured Tamil Nadu’s centres of Jallikkaattu in the year 2012, 2013 and 2014. The areas selected were Alanganalloor and Karisalkulam in Madurai district, Azhagumalali in Tiruppur and various areas in Thnjavur. At no point of time, Team PGurus could see a crowd of more than 2,000 people in any of these Jallikkaatu venues. The local newspapers or the round-the-clock news channels in Tamil made only passing references to these events in their editions and bulletins. This is not to doubt the popularity this rural sport.

There was no uprising of any kind when the Supreme Court banned the sport in May 2014 in response to a petition filed by the then UPA Government and some NGOs like PETA which are controlled, administered and operated by various factions of the Christian Churches.

Though the ban in Jallikkattu continued in 2015 and 2016, there were no agitations worth its name anywhere in Tamil Nadu. The notification issued by the Centre, following the request made by the then chief minister J Jayalalithaa with whom the BJP-led government had shared a bonhomie, was shot down by the Supreme Court in response to a petition filed by these NGOs.

He pointed out to certain decisions taken by the Narendra Modi government which has put the NGOs and the various Churches in disarray.

It may sound unbelievable for ordinary mortals why these agencies which were fighting against Jallikkattu till the other day turned pro-Tamil culture and launched an agitation against the Narendra Modi government to lift the ban on the sport. “It is their style of operation. They want to create confusion, chaos and crisis all over Tamil Nadu which in turn could embarrass the Centre. These organizations do not lose anything by promoting the agitation,” said the official on condition of anonymity.

He pointed out to certain decisions taken by the Narendra Modi government which has put the NGOs and the various Churches in disarray. “The BJP-led government at the Centre has cracked down on the unlimited funds pouring into India in the name of these organisations. These funds were used exclusively for religious conversion an other anti-national activities. In Tamil Nadu itself, we have proved that the agitation by Peoples Movement Against Nuclear Power led by Udayakumar and friends which was agitating against the Koodankulam Nuclear Power Plant was funded exclusively by the Church and international agencies which are out to prevent India from making any progress. Once the funds to these organisations dried up, the anti-nuclear power agitation died a natural death. Where is Udayakumar now?” asked the intelligence official.

The Supreme Court directive to the Centre on January 10, 2017, to audit the accounts of more than 30 lakh(3,000,000) NGOs operating in India has rattled these organisations and entities. A Bench led by Chief Justice J S Khehar, Justices N V Ramana and D Y Chandrachud ordered the government to audit the 3 million NGOs which received foreign and public funds but consistently failed to explain how they spent the money. The apex court also asked the Union Government to file a compliance report by March 31.

The court verdict assumes significance in the backdrop of the earlier order by the Union Government which had blacklisted many international NGOs operating in India for fudging accounts and not furnishing the details of how they spent the money. Kerala, which has 3,70,000 NGOs operating in various “social uplifting areas” (an indirect term used to describe proselytization), not a single organisation has filed tax returns. Most Malayalam satellite TV channels broadcast special programmes of 30 minutes duration by these NGOs encouraging the people to convert to Christianity.

The kind of work being done by CI could be understood by the fact that its senior vice president Stephen Oakley flew down to India to demand the Union Government to remove the organisation from the watch lift.

The Central Bureau of Investigation in its recent report has said that there are no legal provisions to make these NGOs to file their returns in states like Kerala, Punjab and Rajasthan. The findings by Centre for Policy Studies, based in Chennai that there has been shocking increase in the number of Christians and Muslims in the population of these States should be read with the directive issued by the Supreme Court.

Compassion International (CI), a Christian NGO, which has world wide religious conversion business and which has been blacklisted by the Centre, is exerting pressure on India through agencies like the UN, the US government and some of the powerful Churches in India. The kind of work being done by CI could be understood by the fact that its senior vice president Stephen Oakley flew down to India to demand the Union Government to remove the organisation from the watch list. It is reported that Oakley even went to the extent of threatening the Modi government with dire consequences if it fails to heed to the demand and allow the NGO to continue its business of mass religious conversion. The Compassion International dies not believe in converting people individually. It evangelizes villages, Taluks and districts on a massive scale.

Tamil Nadu is observing a total shut down on Friday against the ban on Jallikattu. The only time the State had a total shut down was on December 6, when Jayalalithaa, former chief minister, passed away on December 5, 2016. But that dawn to dusk shut down was a natural and spontaneous outburst by the people who loved their Amma despite political differences with her. This bandh is being seen the fall out of a secret mission chartered by NGOs and evangelists to embarrass the Modi government.

The anti-Narendra Modi and anti-RSS slogans and placards of the slain LTTE chief V Prabhakaran being displayed in the demonstrations are further proof of this conspiracy. In the recent past, when it was proved by intelligence agencies that the anti-nuclear reactor agitation at Koodankulam was funded by the Church and various evangelical organisations, the then UPA government had scoffed at such findings. But the then Prime Minister Manmohan Singh himself had to come out in the open and accept the findings when he gave an interview to an international science weekly. This was not to the liking of Congress President Sonia Gandhi, a hard-core Roman Catholic, who reportedly shouted at Singh for his interview.