Important Documents on Gandhi's Assassination Missing From Official Records PDF Print E-mail

By Gaurav Vivek Bhatnagar, The Wire

Nathuram Godse’s execution order and knowledge of the whereabouts of three of the accused are some of the documents missing from the national archives.

Upon examining the files – contained in 25 CDs in the National Archives of India (NAI) – on Mahatma Gandhi’s assassination and the trial of the accused, the Central Information Commission (CIC) has concluded that “there is no comprehensive record of Gandhi files compiled at one place on assassination of Gandhi”. With the records also revealing that three of the accused had absconded and were never traced, Information Commissioner Sridhar Acharyula has directed the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) and Ministry of Home Affairs to get involved in consolidating all the records on the case.

The CIC has also observed that while important questions persist regarding “whether copy of final charge-sheet in Gandhi murder and order of execution of accused number one, Nathuram V. Godse case are missing from the record” and, if so, what action was taken to trace them, the fact remains that there was “no response to the question about apprehension of missing of two important records”. It further stated that National Archives of India too does not hold all the files on Gandhi’s assassination “and they cannot say anything about it as they are merely recipients of records given by others”.

The detailed order is a response to an application filed by Hemanta Panda. He inquired into the records on Gandhi’s assassination by claiming to be a researcher interested in the topic and sought a copy of the FIR registered at Tughlaq Road police station in Delhi, a copy of the final chargesheet in the case and a copy of the order to execute the accused, Nathuram Godse. Acharyulu delved into the research conducted on Gandhi’s assassination and also cited several relevant papers in his response to Panda’s query.

The Information Commissioner noted that the CPIO of the Ministry of Culture, Jayaprabha Ravindran, had submitted that the appellant was allowed to inspect the files at NAI, and was also provided a copy of the charge sheet and FIR. Panda was also provided certified copies of the case documents he needed. But, “he complained that he could not find two important documents, final charge sheet issued by the Delhi Police and order of execution of Nathuram Godse.”

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