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This should stop us in our tracks – bleeding heart human rights activists jumping up and down in rage after the Gujarat riots, screeched that Hindu fascists had caused incalculable damage to Gandhi the First’s (Gandhi I) dream of secular India and to his ahimsa. Blood-thirsty Kannadigas banding themselves together as SDFB (Stray Dog free Bangalore), gleefully applauded the brutal, barbarian and absolutely typical human killing of dogs in Bangalore, Mysore and Mandya, and gathered under the statue of Gandhi I too with candles in their hands demanding a dog-free Karnataka, particularly stray dog free Bangalore and they declared that they didn’t care how this was achieved. Gandhi the First asked Hindus to stand by in self-righteous ahimsa and allow Muslims to kill the cow and Gandhi I also called for killing stray dogs.

“Therefore the only method I know of protecting the cow is that I should approach my Mahomedan brother and urge him for the sake of the country to join me in protecting her. If he would not listen to me, I should let the cow go for the simple reason that the matter is beyond my ability”. (‘Hind Swaraj, Chapter X, The condition of India (contd):The Hindus and the Mahomedans, 1909)

"It is a thousand pities that the question of stray dogs, etc assume such a monstrous proportion in this land of ahimsa..." Gandhi wrote in the Young India (dated October 21, 1926). "... It is a sin, it should be a sin, to feed stray dogs, and we should save numerous dogs if we had legislation making every stray dog liable to be shot”.

And so self-righteous Kannadiga Gandhians, the last of the monotheists, abandoned themselves to wallowing in an orgy of dog blood-letting, a bloody orgy lasting over a month. First they rounded up every dog they sighted on the roads of Bangalore and killed them brutally we were told. The nation shrugged off this partying on dog blood with an indulgent ‘humans will be humans’ smile. Encouraged by this indulgence Kannadiga Gandhians waited a month and then rounded up every dog they sighted in Bangalore, Mysore and Mandya and this time their killing methods gave them a new high – they packed the dogs in vans and kept them there for 48 hours without food or water and without caring to think how the dogs would answer calls of nature.

Having roused themselves to a fever of excitement, these Gandhians then set about killing the dogs – they clobbered some to death, they beat some to death, some were injected with cyanide, many electrocuted and others strangulated. Kannadiga Gandhians reached peaks of ecstasy at the culmination of the orgy of blood-letting. Now I know how Hitler treated the Jews and now I also know why for the perverted maniac, watching ordinary pornography is not enough; he needs to watch or perform the act with violence and then with more violence until it culminates in the kind of blood-letting that we witnessed in Bangalore, Mysore and Mandya.

These manic killers told the world that they were forced to experience this enjoyment because a dog killed a child. Sure! Sure there are dogs that attack people as sure as there are humans who are drunken drivers, drug peddlers, arms dealers, rapists, child molesters, wife beaters and terrorists. Dogs means rabies said some. Sure! Humans means Aids, war and riots. We want a dog free Bangalore and a rabies free India said these killers. Sure! I want an Aids free, polio free, cancer free, terrorism free, alcohol free, drug free India too. And I want this to be achieved in exactly the same manner as these Kannadiga Gandhians want to achieve a dog free Bangalore and rabies free India.

Radha Rajan
14th March, 2007