Monsanto’s Violence in India: The Sacred and The Profane PDF Print E-mail

By Colin Todhunter,
Source: Global Research

Foreign capital is dictating the prevailing development agenda in India. There is a deliberate strategy to make agriculture financially non-viable for India’s small farms, to get most farmers out of farming and to impose a World Bank sanctioned model of food production. The aim is to replace current structures with a system of industrial (GM) agriculture suited to the needs of Western agribusiness, food processing and retail concerns.

Pesticides Trigger Death of the Bees. Corporate Corruption in Pesticide Research PDF Print E-mail


Scientists Who Do Not Link Pesticides to Bee Deaths Are Often Funded by the Agrochemical Industry

‘Syngenta and Bayer have a substantial amount of influence in the debate,’ said one neurobiology researcher in response to a Greenpeace analysis of corporate corruption in pesticide research.

Pesticide manufacturers have spent millions influencing researchers who are investigating the role of neonicotinoids, a nicotine-like chemical found in many major pesticides, in bee die-offs, according to a recent analysis by Greenpeace.


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