Serbia and the Balkans Wars: The Future Belongs to Those Who Do Not Surrender PDF Print E-mail

Source: Global Research, June 03, 2017
By Milos Kovic

How accurate is the theory that there are tragic events of exceptional strength that really shape the identity of a nation? How is this happening and what if we do not learn a lesson out of those experiences?

– The prominent French writer Renan wrote in his lecture “What is a Nation?” that people are often connected by memories of shared suffering, and Serbs are no exception. Today, when Yugoslavia is no more, there is no reason why Jasenovac should not be brought back to the center of the Serbian identity, just like the Jews did with Auschwitz.

Tracing the History of the Partitioning of Iraq PDF Print E-mail

By Rayyan Dabbous, Global Research

Dividing Iraq – From Op-Eds, To News, To Truth

Readers of newspapers in 2017 might not remember a time in which they haven’t read about an ongoing war in Iraq – the Iran-Iraq war persisted throughout the 80s, Saddam Hussein’s invasion of Kuwait, the Gulf War, and ongoing US bombings reigned throughout the 90s, and the US intervention and the Iraqi civil war that followed ran throughout the first decade of the new millennia.


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