Over-dose of secularism helped this terror group thrive in Bengal PDF Print E-mail

By: Vicky Nanjappa

Source: http://www.oneindia.com

New Delhi, July 11: The Jamaat-ul-Mujahideen, Bangladesh took advantage of two factors while setting up its modules in West Bengal. An overly secular approach in the state, so much that it led to appeasement proved to be a major advantage for the group. Today the outfit which allies with the ISIS has become a headache not just in Bangladesh, but in West Bengal as well.

Tamil Nadu in the grip of Jihad – III PDF Print E-mail

by Thamizhchelvan on 06 Apr 2016

The vote bank politics and appeasement policies followed by the government emboldened the jihadis to spread their extremism faster and further as evidenced by the issues related to the films Innocence of Muslims and Vishwaroopam and the Ambur and Ramanathapuram riots in the aftermath of the deaths of accused fundamentalists.

Authorities following footsteps of government


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