Taking stock: The US-India nuclear deal 10 years later PDF Print E-mail

By Subrata Ghoshroy
16th February, 2016
A decade has passed since negotiations first began on the “US-India Civilian Nuclear Cooperation Agreement,” an accord that, when it was finally signed, gave India a waiver from the rules of the Nuclear Suppliers Group. In a nutshell, the act ended a 34-year ban on nuclear trade with India. Popularly known as the “US-India Nuclear Deal,” it was a watershed moment in the history of US-India relations, marking a transition from a lukewarm and sometimes downright adversarial engagement during the Cold War to the warm glow of, if not quite a strategic partnership, then more of a joint venture.

Advanced Heavy Water Reactor is the latest Indian design for a next-generation nuclear reactor that PDF Print E-mail

Virendrasingh Ghunawat Mumbai, February 27, 2014 | UPDATED 15:34 IST

The wait is over. Design of the world's first mainly thorium-based nuclear reactor is ready.


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