India Armed Forces Officer: A Breed Apart PDF Print E-mail

By Lt. Gen A K Singh
Source: Centre for Landwarfare Studies
June 9, 2017

Of late the Indian Army has been in the news more than what is desirable. Whilst some focus on important issues is to be expected in todays transparent world, some of the issues taken up by overenthusiastic TV channels and anchors have left us all perplexed.

The armed forces are composed of essentially two elements : Human & Material resources, each having many related facets. This article will focus on, what in my opinion, remains the most important and critical to the well being and effectiveness of the organization- “ The Leadership”.

Trump's Sword Dance Sets Off the War of the Wahhabis PDF Print E-mail

Source: By Pepe Escobar, Global Research

Sputnik, June 7, 2017

US President Donald Trump could not possibly have predicted the game-changing after-effects of his triumphal sword dance in Riyadh.

Or could he?
The fact is the House of Saud went amok, in a flash, going after Qatar and bombing from the inside that glorious Arab NATO project – call it NATOGCC — sworn with pomp over a glowing orb.


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