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Bad news Ali?

Yes, Mr.P. Nothing but bad news. Congress has refused you permission to beat your wife.

Bush And The Kingdom Of God PDF Print E-mail

It is fashionable for intellectuals to declare pompously at the time of any crisis that we or someone else is at the crossroads and that it is a defining moment or a decisive moment for something or the other. With the UN Security Council standing firm against US bullying and abusive ways and determined not to allow the UN to be used by the US and its henchman the UK for self-serving interests, and with Tinpot Tony’s Labour party split vertically with over 120 Members voting with the opposition following the Commons’ debate on Iraq, it is indeed a defining moment in history. The vote in the Commons was as much a vote against the Tinpot as it was against the gun-toting Cowboy. I truly believe that US foreign policy and a politically and economic unifying Europe and the rest of the world, whether the nations of the non-aligned movement (NAM), or the OIC or the Arab League, are indeed poised at a defining moment in history when it will be decided whether the US can finally get away with its unilateral despotic ways or whether the rest of the world for reasons varying from the moral to the self-serving can succeed in taming the US and in their own interest confront the ugly nature of Islamic terrorism as it has manifested itself today in almost every continent of the world without construing it as being anti-Muslim or anti-Islam in orientation.


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