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It Pays To Be Politically Correct, It Is Profitable To Be A Secularist PDF Print E-mail

The Hindu editorial dated September 26, 2002, the news item titled ‘NHRC calls for communal harmony’ in The Hindu on page 13 on the same day, the article in the editorial page of The New Indian Express by Saeed Naqvi titled ‘A Time To Choose’ and lastly Shri Habibullah Badsha’s ‘Attack on human values’ on page 12 of The Hindu dated September 27, all dealing with the massacre of Hindu bhakthas in the Swaminarayan temple in Gandhinagar, Gujarat, are good examples of the reaction and underlying attitude of the intellectuals and the English media in the last ten or twelve years whenever Hindus and Hindu society have been victims of Islamic and Christian terrorism and fundamentalism. This trend of ignoring at best and at worst, justifying and rationalising the religious persecution and massacre of Hindus was begun in earnest after 6th December 1992, and gathered momentum after Star News opened shop in India.

Letter To The Editor, Toronto Star. PDF Print E-mail

Sir, I am writing this letter to you in response to your editorial dated 26th May, 22, titled “Ease Kashmir tension before it ends in war”. At the outset let me compliment you on your interest in two countries located in a remote corner of Asia. An interest, which I suspect has been triggered not because they are on the verge of war but only by the fact that both these countries possess nuclear weapons. It would interest me to know how many editorials have been written about India previously in your esteemed newspaper and also how many of your readers know the geographic location of Jammu and Kashmir if they have indeed heard of J&K.


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