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The Viagra Of War PDF Print E-mail

Cowboy George now needs this war like some men need Viagra to assert their masculinity; and the rest of the White/Christian world and much of the non-white and non-Christian world too is rejoicing vicariously at this new-found assertion of libido; not unlike the surreptitious readers and watchers of porn.

How Convoluted Can You Get? PDF Print E-mail

Remember folks that excruciatingly funny scene in ‘Namak Halal’ where Amitabh Bachchan ‘considering the consideration that Vijay Hazare placed before Vijay Merchant’ declares he can ‘talk English, walk English and sleep English because English is a very phunny language’? I never thought anyone else would use English more phunnily. But I was mistaken, it would seem. Sadanand Menon in his (unintended) excruciatingly funny discourse on the classical art forms has outdone Bachchan several times over.


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