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Saddam Hussein called him a very foolish man, or stupid or something to that effect barely three months ago. In private meetings among strategic experts and political observers too, the view is similar but more polite in language. That perhaps Cowboy George has climbed a tiger. Will he, won’t he is the question that is doing the political circles nowadays. And while there is a distinct possibility that Saddam Hussein may be killed through treachery or may choose to die in a desperate confrontation with US and British invaders, the expert opinion is, no matter what the course of this war, the end is not going to be happy or profitable for the USA and Cowboy George in particular.

The seeds of hindu extremism – secularism - anti-hinduism PDF Print E-mail

The VHP, after turning the politics of Gujarat firmly in the direction of Hindutva, has turned its attention to Tamil Nadu where it is all set to mobilise nearly one lakh Hindu youth on the 7th of February, 2003, in Tiruchy. This augurs well for the nation - this movement to arouse the Hindu youth to a sense of this nation’s Hindu identity, an identity which is coming increasingly under attack from secularists, pseudo-Gandhians and miffed Marxist historians and academics. The slogan of ‘secularism under threat’ is also becoming increasingly shrill and the President of India inaugurating the World Jesuit Conference in Kolkata this month is the latest symbol of Indian secularism. ‘Vigil’ was the first to draw the attention of the Hindu leadership to the world Jesuit conference and to the fact that the President of India is scheduled to inaugurate it.


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