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Just recently in another article in ‘Plainspeak’, I had mentioned, that the British Foreign Secretary, Jack Straw’s limited confession that colonialism was responsible for half the world’s problems and the ‘Mea Culpa’ plea for forgiveness by Pope John Paul II three years ago, for all the sins of the Vatican and the Roman Catholic Church around the world, were two most significant statements to emanate from the West. Had these two men been sincere, they would have taken a second look at world history at the turn of the nineteenth century and for the whole of the twentieth century and would have made strenuous efforts to influence global events now.

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Remember this woman folks who descended on Varanasi and announced her intention to make a film called ‘Water’ about the widows of Varanasi and Brindavan? Angry Hindus stormed the sets of this movie and threw the props into the Ganga and sent that Mehta woman, Shabana Azmi, and Nandita Das packing. The message was: widows are sacred, their dignity is sacrosanct and Hindu society will not permit the vilification of widowhood. Just as Hindu society will not permit vilification of Sanyasis or ‘Brahmacharis’. Widows, sanyasis and ‘brahmacharis’ are exemplars of self-denial and a life devoted to a larger purpose.


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