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Still licking the wounds of a bruised ego, The Hindu and the Outlook are now bringing in NRI academics to explain away the Gujarat results. Our domestic, secular academics professing the modern pseudo-sciences have run out of ideas and worse, all their pseudo theories have bitten the dust. We have had a professor of political science in the Delhi University, an associate professor in the Department of Political Science from some university in Canada, one professor of Philosophy and Law and Governance from JNU, and again some inconsequential research scholar from Massachusetts – all of them bemoaning, beating their breasts and tearing their hair in agony over the Gujarat results, all in the space of one week. This was in The Hindu alone. Some pompous Director from the Centre for South Asian studies from Michigan agreed to play the role of ‘rudali’ for the Outlook. Then there were other assorted academics campaigning from the U.S, whites and South Asian dark whites alike - campaigning against the RSS and the VHP’s work among the adivasis and the dalits in India, with a deep sense of foreboding it would seem, for what awaited them in the tribal regions of Central Gujarat.

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Sayeed Naqvi has done it again. And so has Salman Khursheed. Star News featured this Congress politician on the then forthcoming Gujarat elections. The discussion inevitably veered around to the Gujarat riots and to Godhra. Mention was made of the ‘shahadat’ of the Hindu women and children burnt in the Sabarmati Express at Godhra and Salman Khursheed shrugged off their deaths with a nonchalant “there are doubts about their shahadat”. Now I don’t know how ‘shahadat’ translates into English, ‘victimhood’ or ‘martyrdom’. It is irrelevant. What is certain is that innocent women and children and innocent men died that day, burnt alive by a murderous mob. Surely no sane person can question that they were victims? No matter who is responsible for burning them alive – domestic terrorists or terrorists from across the border? But Khursheed can get away with shrugging off the deaths of innocent Hindus because our English media, our English press, our secular intellectuals and vote-bank politicians have emboldened persons like him to rationalise the mass murder of Hindus in different circumstances. Writing a column for the Indian Express on the 13th December, titled “Gujarat results may yet surprise”, Sayeed Naqvi the secular intellectual maintains that those innocent women, men and children were burnt alive by Hindus themselves. Why? Because the BJP lost the municipal elections in Gujarat on February 26th. So diabolic Hindus picked a train full of Rambhaktas returning from Ayodhya and burnt an entire compartment full of Hindu devotees in the Muslim majority town of Godhra. “Surprisingly analysts have not made the connection between the BJP’s election defeat on February 26 and the burning of compartment S-6 of the Sabarmati Express at Godhra” he too can declare without batting an eyelid. He can hit at the Hindus and run in the columns of an unconscienable English newspaper but it is of course doubtful if he can say this to say, Pramod Mahajan, Arun Jaitley or Swapan Dasgupta face to face in any discussion on Gujarat.


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