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Two instances have provoked this discussion topic. The first, an opinion expressed by an intellectual that the Kanchi Acharya was ‘sloppy’ in his efforts because he had failed to do his homework before embarking on his latest round of negotiations with the Muslim Personal Law Board and also that ‘hindu organizations’ ‘blew it’ when they did not seize the opportunity to place before the public proof of the existence of a temple before Mir Baqi erected a mosque on the Ramjanmabhumi site. Not content with this completely erroneous assumption that the ‘hindu organizations’ did not possess this information before this expert educated them about it he also states that they have not cultivated the requisite skills of communication and do not know what to do with facts presented by this expert in ‘more than one language’ as he put it, disparagingly. He also faults all these organizations for failing to jump at the chance to benefit from his scholarship. And then they complain that the media doesn’t present their side, he ends his letter.

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“My efforts at finding a solution to the Ayodhya issue are over. I will not interfere hereafter. However my doors are always open if somebody comes to me on this issue”. With these words, the Kanchi Sankaracharya closed another chapter in the story of the unremitting struggle by the Hindus to liberate the Ramjanmabhumi from the clutches of the Muslims, the judiciary and the anti-Hindu polity of this country. What makes some of us so angry is that this struggle continues even with a BJP led coalition at the center. And what makes some of us even more angry is that the Kanchi mutt was dragged into this unseemly controversy so cynically and thoughtlessly by the BJP.


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