Nirbhaya, Swathi, Karuna, Smriti Irani, animal and environment abuse – it is a man’s world PDF Print E-mail

From the ever increasing numbers of violent crimes against women and growing intolerance towards animals and horrific animal abuse, we are forced to conclude that pervasive national insensitivity and non-response to both visible and invisible violence against animals and nature (ecology/environment) leads inevitably to increasing violence against women, the elderly and eventually children. Nirbhaya in 2012, Swathi and now Karuna in 2016, read together with Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change (MoEF&CC) sanctioning mass killing of wild boars in Uttarakhand, monkeys in Shimla and nilgai in Bihar and recently clearing the inter-linking of the Ken-Betwa river project which will submerge 100 sq.kms of the Panna Tiger Reserve in Madhya Pradesh besides contemplating amending the PCA Act 1960 to permit Jallikattu and other sport using bulls - there is visible degeneration in the national character as we seem to be losing our individual and collective sense of compassion and caring compounded by cowardice in the face of violence against women when Swathi and Karuna were killed in full public view with no one stepping forward to stop and physically bring down the killers. As a nation we have also lost our sense of responsibility to protect, nurture and conserve nature or ‘prakriti’ as these become hurdles to ‘development’ which has become synonymous with violence against animals, rivers and river-beds, our extensive coastal line, water bodies, trees, forests and mountains.


Supreme Court’s ill-timed, ill-considered outburst against “ill-trained” J&K police PDF Print E-mail

If it please Your Lordships (and even if it doesn’t) I am exercising my fundamental right to freedom of expression and right to dissent. I am expressing my dissent against the opinions expressed by the Hon’ble Supreme Court on August 12, 2016, against the country’s police force and by implication our army, in J&K and I am exercising my right to freedom of expression by expressing my dissent in writing. This I am compelled to do because within three days of the Hon’ble Supreme Court’s disparaging remarks about the state’s police force, yet another selfless and brave uniformed man died in the Kashmir valley hunting Islamic terrorists who were determined to make a jihadi point on our Independence Day. And five days after the Hon’ble Supreme Court’s lecture on human rights to the “ill-trained” police, on the 17th, two army officers and another policeman have been killed by jihadis in the Baramullah district of the jihadi parasite Kashmir valley.



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