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When you spit at the sun you should not complain when what went up obeys the law of gravity and hits your face on its return journey. As little known facts about Rohith Vemula and the reasons which drove him to take his life appeared in the public domain, the 129 self-proclaimed “global scholarly community” (GSC) who wrote an open letter to the Vice Chancellor, University of Hyderabad (UoH) in less than 48 hours after Vemula committed suicide, probably kicked each other’s derriere for getting it wrong on all counts; and for creating the situation where like the Emperor, they were seen to have no clothes. Their collective spittle instead of landing on the face of the country’s Prime Minister, Minister for Human Resource Development and the Vice Chancellor of UoH as they had intended, came flying down towards their faces under the weight of their scholarly falsehoods. This article is law of gravity in action because Rohith Vemula’s suicide and GSC’s foolish letter precipitated the imminent expose that India’s institutions of higher education – IIT Madras, UoH, FTII, the largest and foulest of them all, JNU and almost certainly other universities and colleges have become the hunting ground for seditionists and secessionists, some abroad, some here with the active and deliberate instigation and encouragement from some members of the teaching faculty.


Rohith Vemula’s suicide: Imposing the burden of guilt to bury the truth PDF Print E-mail

There is no other way to put it – in the end, only Rohith Vemula is to blame for Rohith Vemula’s death by suicide; Vemula died for the bad choices he knowingly made – the causes he espoused, the company he kept and the methods he employed when he practiced his extremist ideology. Blame for this young man’s suicide must be rightly laid at the doors of hatred-driven anti-national political ideologies which are allowed a free run inside college and university campuses in the guise of freedom of choice and association. Blame must also be laid at the doors of members of the teaching faculty who encourage political activism even when activism takes them away from academics and worse, uses unlawful methods. A frenzied media baying for Narendra Modi’s blood (if they can’t have Modi they will settle for the blood of the Vice Chancellor) wants the nation to bear the burden of guilt for Rohith Vemula’s suicide, simply because Vemula was dalit; actually half-dalit because his father’s caste Vaddera, is categorised under BC but the media had to be economical even with the fact about Rohith Vemula’s dalit identity. “Does it really matter”, was the question. Yes it does. The media tried hard to generate mass hysteria over Rohith Vemula’s suicide only because they alleged he was a dalit and his suicide was yet another chapter in Narendra Modi’s intolerant India. The media did not create and wallow in frenzied outrage when other students died in Hyderabad University, IIT Madras and other colleges and universities in the country for varied reasons which, if the media truly cared about all young people, also deserve attention.



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