Judiciary´s hour of reckoning PDF Print E-mail

Notwithstanding the silence imposed by “contempt of court” the procedural and statutory provision in jurisprudence, that corruption and controversies are now endemic to Indian judiciary can no longer be ignored or swept from view. Four recent events in our courts prove that our judicial system is in the throes of multiple crises, giving rise to questions about the competence, character and their commitment to probity in public life of judges in the lower and higher courts including in the Supreme Court. It is therefore imperative to highlight the consequences of the persisting disinclination of the judiciary and any government to deal with the crisis, if only to restore faith in the infallibility of our judiciary; the infallibility of the judiciary is predicated on the exemplary virtue of being Caesar’s Wife – must not only be above suspicion but must be seen to be above suspicion. Four instances which necessitate an open and objective critique of the judiciary –

How Sonia Gandhi brewed ´Hindu terror´ in her pot PDF Print E-mail

Last week in the Lok Sabha when Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh said terrorism has no caste, sect or religion, he proved obnoxious P Chidambaram right: It was “purpose served”; and every Hindu in the Congress, every Hindu in the political parties constituting the UPA who did not resist the insult, including the incumbent President of India, bear equal guilt for defaming the majority populace of the nation. Nowhere in the world, not in any White Christian country, not in any Muslim country would a government in power dare to pin the majority populace with the label ‘Christian terror’ or ‘Muslim terror’. In September 2010 Union Home Minister P Chidambaram for the first time used the phrase ‘saffron terror’ at the annual conference of State police chiefs and senior police officers from across the country. When Chidambaram walks or talks it is with “the world is watching my every step, listening to my every word” smirk and swagger. When questioned about saffron terror he retorted with typical facetiousness, “I do not claim patent on the word saffron”. He then went on to justify the use of saffron terror with, “The remark brought the message home and the purpose was served.”


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