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When Solzhenitsyn presaged Fukuyama and Huntington

The seed of Huntington’s brilliant essay on the clash of civilizations which he penned in 1993 is contained in Solzhenitsyn’s no less brilliant talk that he delivered in Harvard in 1978. At America’s holiest of academic holies, Solzhenitsyn analyzed in unsparing language, what he saw America and Americans as representing - intellectual cowardice, decadence of all creative art, loss of spirituality, erosion of religion, absence of self-restraint, destructive individualism, overbearing arrogance and above all a national ego, bloated with complacency that can be caused only by the surfeit of material prosperity.

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Solzhenitsyn and Russian nationalism
It is generally accepted now that Russia lost one-third of its people within the first three decades of communism; and this included the best among its thinkers, writers and political opponents - "in a rich, flourishing country, before the extermination of millions of our people, an extermination, moreover, that was no blind mass killing, but rather involved a specific targeting of the best that Russia had produced". (Solzhenitsyn, Rebuilding Russia, page 10)


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