Who is a Hindu? PDF Print E-mail

by Dr Krishen Kak

The origin of the human race (as distinct from our evolution as the human species) is an engaging metaphysical mystery for many of us, but not for abrahamists whose dogma unravels it authoritatively for them.

Symbol of Tamil - Potramaraikulam or Tamizhthai PDF Print E-mail

By Vaijayanthi Chakravarthi

Madurai, the seat of ancient Tamil Sangam literature is in the news for the proposed statue of Tamizhthai (Mother Tamil) which will soon come up in the temple city. Tamil Nadu chief minister J.Jayalalithaa is planning to build a statue for Tamizhthai at a whopping cost of one hundred crore rupees. The question is, does Tamil need a new symbol, a mammoth statue?


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