Dangers of Saltor demilitarization by G Parthasarathy PDF Print E-mail

4 May 2006 - Pioneer

There has been significant progress in recent months in expanding cooperation and reducing tensions between India and Pakistan, despite continuing incidents of ISI sponsored terrorism. The composite dialogue process, back channel and other contacts have led to an unprecedented increase in people-to-people contacts. A common ground is even being found in efforts to resolve the Kashmir issue, through greater interaction and dialogue, recognising that "borders cannot be redrawn". It would, however, be a Himalayan blunder if we are lulled into a sense of complacency and presume that the military establishment in Pakistan has become so benign that it would give up its efforts to "bleed India," or seek parity with India.

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Contrary to the assertions of her spin doctors, this is actually the fourth time Ms. Sonia Gandhi has run away from an uncomfortable situation in her life in India. The first was in 1977 when her mother-in-law Indira Gandhi lost to the Janata conglomerate. Panicked at a possible post-Mussolini scenario in this land, Sonia Gandhi dragged her pilot husband and two children to the Italian Embassy for refuge; newspaper pictures of her sour countenance remain etched in my memory. Sonia returned home very reluctantly after the entire Gandhi family persuaded her to see reason. No doubt her countrymen (she was still an Italian national) also advised her that Indians were not vindictive and her personal safety was not in danger.


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