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Sania fatwa is different PDF Print E-mail
Sandhya Jain

Pioneer-20 Sept 2005

Having never been a sports-watcher, I just didn't notice that Sania Mirza was playing in skimpy skirts rather than shorts until the bellicose Jamaat-e-Ulema-e-Hind issued dire warnings about her 'un-Islamic' attire. Avid secularists promptly pleaded that the tennis star be allowed to live like a 'normal' 18-year-old and Kolkata Police wisely beefed up security for the WTA event in their city.

Wanted: Some Hindu spine By Vijay Dandapani PDF Print E-mail

August 12, 2005

Human rights are by definition universal. Hence, in an ideal world there would be no need to write a separate report on the human rights of Hindus, or for that matter any other group. In the real world, unfortunately, there is a gaping hole when it comes to the awareness of human rights for Hindus, mainly in Bangladesh, Pakistan and even in the Kashmir valley.


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