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California School Text Book Controversy
Attack on Hindu groups by Harvard Professor Witzel
by Dr. Seshachalam Dutta
July 23, 2009

Hindu parents in California found that the textbooks used in the e
2   Link   Art is not for art’s sake; neither is scholarship - Witzel and Mahadevan
No creative expression is de-linked from its creator; and the creator is not de-linked from the milieu into which she or he was born and raised. Art is for art’s sake only when it is Turner’s seascapes, or Gainsborough’s landscapes or Rembrandt’s por
3   Link   Michael Witzel: rattled rat at IIC
Bhagwan Singh, 22 July 2009. I was really sorry for Prof. Michael Witzel. After all, he was our honoured guest! Dr. Singh should not have pounced on him so mercilessly, playing the cat and the rat game – the cat looking ascetically resigned tossing t
4   Link   Witzel in IIC - First-hand Report
I attended the session, and I feel it was not exactly a good experience for Witzel there at IIC. The main points are:
5   Link   Thus Spake Professor Michael Witzel. A Harvard University Case Study in Prejudice?
We all generalize about people, about groups, about ideologies and so on in our lives. But when this generalization is judgmental, when it is not based on the complete set of evidence available to us and when we are unwilling to consider new or contr
6   Link   The Hindutva View of History
Rewriting Textbooks in India and the United States
Kamala Visweswaran, Michael Witzel, Nandini Manjrekar, Dipta Bhog, and Uma Chakravarti
When Hindu nationalist (or Sangh Parivar) organizations in India came to power at the national level in 1998